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100% Pure New Zealand

My 100% Pure New Zealand commercial has reached over a million views on Facebook. This project was shot over a year while traveling to some of the most remote and spectacular parts of New Zealand.

There were a lot of early mornings capturing sunrise and a lot of late night hikes to reach some of the more remote parts of New Zealand. I absolutely loved filming this project and I hope to do more like this in the future.

Having grown up in New Zealand it was a real treat to come back after 6 years of living in London and to explore new parts of the country that I never knew existed.

I'm now back in London and working on my latest short film, 'One Breath: A Life Without Gravity' which will be doing the festival circuit next year.

Adventure Filmmaking - Sebastian Solberg
Hiking - New Zealand - Jassa Ahluwalia
Adventure Filmmaking - Sebastian Solberg
Kayaking - Sebastian Solberg and Jassa Ahluwalia
Mountain Biking - Sebastian Solberg
Adventure Filmmaking - Sebastian Solberg
Paddle boarding - Bel Jones
Sebastian Solberg
Flying a plane - Sebastian Solberg
Adventure Filmmaking - Sebastian Solberg


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